Female games men play: Male writers with female pseudonyms

Why would a male writer want to assume a woman’s identity? I recently came across an article on Elena Ferrante, the reclusive Italian writer whose identity is unknown, but – the article says, quoting an Italian woman – “everyone knows” she is really a man. Which in turn made me realize that in fact there are several examples in recent Hungarian literature for male writers who assumed a female pseudonym – admittedly, only for one book.

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“We cannot find words.” Best first sentences of Hungarian novels

Fascinated by the exhibition of the Hungarian National Gallery on dada and surrealism, I started to read One Man’s Life by Lajos Kassák, the emblematic figure of Hungarian avant-garde.

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Literary walks: Pasarét, Magda Szabó

szabo_es_szobotkaIt’s been raining for weeks now in Budapest, and it feels like, though it may not be the exact factual truth, that it’s been raining most of the time since mid-August. In any case, yesterday was surely the first sunny day in weeks, so I took a long walk in the neighbourhood called Pasarét, or ’the Pasha’s Meadow.’ Continue reading